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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

speechless in seattle

I had my mind made up on a blog entry for today, but then I heard a story on the radio on the way home that really has my head spinning.  I'm as prone as anyone to hyperbole, but I honestly think that this is the worst thing I've ever heard in my life.  Read on- and know that I fully intend to find out much, much more about this and post what I find.  Here's the story as I heard it on the radio, and I'm going to parrot everything I heard without histrionics.  This is how KVI reported it:

There is a 15 year old girl who goes to Ballard High School in Seattle.  Somehow, her mother finds out that she is on birth control.  Trouble is, mom had nothing to do with the girl's obtaining said birth control.  The girl tells her mom that the clinic at her school (which is run by Swedish Medical Center in Seattle) gave it to her.  Mom was not notified.  She had engaged the clinic because she had become sexually active with her boyfriend of 6 months.  Mom confronts the school (from the sound of it, she was a tad angry) and was told to leave the premises.  OK.  Daughter is sexually active, but she is on birth control.  Things could be worse.

Fast forward to October.  Girl becomes pregnant.  Instead of telling her parents, she goes to the school and tells them that she's pregnant and doesn't know what to do.  The school then schedules a taxi cab ride for the girl to a clinic in downtown Seattle (for those that don't know the area, this is about 8 miles away) to get an abortion.  Once at the clinic, she is told by the clinic that if she tells her parents about this, they (the parents) will be liable for the cost of the procedure.  If she doesn't tell them, the procedure is free of charge.  She has the abortion, takes another (school paid for) cab ride back to school, goes back to class and then rides the bus home from school as if nothing has happened.  Parents were not notified of her being off campus for some 4 hours, and apparently the school also arranged for her attendance records to be falsified so that the parents would not know.

Fast forward a bit.  Girl has to be taken to the emergency room 3 times for a racing heartbeat.  The doctors at the hospital ask the girl's parents if she's under any kind of stress.  They answer "no".

Fast forward a bit.  Boyfriend is so distraught over what has happened that he "ends up in the hospital".  When pressed for why he is distraught, all this comes out. 

Mom calls the school and is told that she has no right to her daughter's medical records, and they will not comment or tell her anything.  And, apparently they have been doing this FOR YEARS.  They (the school) apparently feels that they can do this, and the clinic does not have to notify parents of abortions, reproductive rights or even mental health counseling where children are concerned.

OK- now the histrionics.

ARE YOU %$#*$%)(* KIDDING ME?  OK- I'm a hard right conservative, and yeah- a pro-life one at that.  Let's leave that out of the equation.  Let's leave pro-choice out of it, too.  Our schools are not allowed to give out an aspirin, have any kind of religious affiliation or observance- but they can do this?  I'm beyond shocked.  What if there were complications- and clearly there were.  The school's hue and cry is that the parents need to work these kind of things out as a family, and yet they cut the very legs out from under these parents.  They endangered this girl's life, and have scarred her (her mother says that the girl is absolutely wrecked as a result of this) - and they stand on some made up moral ground that they were looking out for the welfare of this very, very confused 15 year old.  And, we, as tax payers, fit the bill for this.

I honestly don't think I've ever been so sickened in my entire life.  I absolutely will post more on this when I found it out- I promise.

like the boston song....'s been such a long time.......

Somehow, some way, despite my best efforts to the contrary, I lost my keys to my blog.  Now, I confess- I haven't been terribly diligent about recovering them- until now.

All this to say- look for a long overdue update soon.  I promise.