Sunday, October 5, 2008

Let's Elect To Be Happy

Well, it seems that I do more than my fair share of bitching about this and that. Here's a change:

After last weekend's Saturday fiasco, I was really looking to jump start this week, and I think I got that this morning.  Had a great time at Soteria Church today- the usual cast of characters in Brad Boal, Ed Weber, Destry Lucas and myself in the band along with Chuck and Kathleen- but, we also had Mike McGee and Dave Yingling doing guitar duties, Eric Popowicz on B3 and my dear, dear friend, Dr. Ron Cole on trumpet and Chuck's daughter, Rochelle on vocals.  Big band, big tunes, big crowd and bigger fun.  While good tunes and good players are a good thing, something else struck me today.

I am blessed.  I mean really, really, REALLY blessed.

The other church, while a dismal and distressing failure at providing anything that remotely resembles Christianity or Christ-like behavior, did introduce me to Chuck, Ed, Mike, Dave and Brad.  Not only do these guys absolutely slay their respective instruments, but they slay as human beings- which in my book is really what matters.  The old church has taught me that it's not about the resources, it's about the use of those resources- and the ability to allow the flourishment of ones gifts to partake in those resources.  The old church couldn't care less if they had probably one of the best bands on the west coast of the US- or, that that band was made of some truly fine human beings who deeply cared for one another and loved worshipping Jesus.  For them- or more accurately, the senior pastor- it was about perception of control. 

Note that I didn't say control.  I said the perception of it.  In many cases, perception is not reality.  It's the ability to cast oneself in the visage of knowing everything while saying absolutely nothing.  Such was the case- and where I'm blessed in this case is that, due to my involvement with the old church, I now know the difference.  And I can discern it.  And- I can show others.

I am blessed in that God granted me a measure of discernment I might not normally have.  Such is the case with having M.S.- if it weren't for this ridiculous physical limitation I have in my life, I wouldn't be nearly as compassionate as I am.  In both cases, God took something that really should have been limiting, but instead turned it into something that has made me a better person, and all the while He gets the glory for it.  That's thrilling to be part of, because when measured up against the absolute, undeniable FACT that God is the king of the universe, I've had Him directly involved in my seemingly inconsequential lifetime- but I know now that God doesn't see me as inconsequential.  That's cool x 10.

So, I have decided that I will be happy this week.  I have a gig on Wednesday with my dear, dear friends at Alligator Soul in Everett (you really should check this out if you can) and another gig on Friday evening with more dear friends.  I have the privilege of hanging with cool people in cool places, playing cool music and serving a very cool God.  How cool is that?