Saturday, October 23, 2010

predictions for the near future

So, it's no big secret to folks that I'm a talk radio junkie.  My personal fave is Bryan Suits on KVI 570AM here in Seattle, but I listen to a bunch of others - Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, etc.  (If you've never heard Bryan Suits, you're really missing out.  Get his podcast and see what I mean.)

Notice a theme?  Yeah- they're all conservatives.  So am I.  Ok, now that that cat's out of that particular bag, I wanted to get a couple of things off my chest. 

First off, I'm pretty sick and tired of all these folks (with the exception of Suits) going on and on about how the liberals are all finished as of November 3, 2010.

Second- and, here's the prediction part- I predict a sound defeat for the conservatives on November 2.  I say that there is no chance for the Dems to lose their majority in the Senate or the House.  Maybe it's my native Nihilistic tendencies, but when you look at the how the libbies are running their show, it's clear to me that they really aren't all that rattled- nor should they be.  Yeah, there will probably be a few that get moved on- perhaps quite a few- but it just feels to me like a lot of my friends have already written this off and we've already won.  It just hasn't happened yet, and what's worse is that when the conservatives lose the libbies are gonna be even more re-energized and more damage will ensue.

I'll admit that I'm not watching all of the candidates, but there's a couple that have peaked my interest, as well as a couple of Washington State items that have my attention.  So, here's the specific predictions on the items that I've really been paying attention to:

Washington State
  • Patty Murray will be re-elected.  (Dino Rossi will lose by at a least 5% margin)
  • Prop. 1100 and 1105 will be defeated.  (Washington State will retain the right to sell liquor)
  • Prop. 960 will not be overturned. (Our incredibly written taxation of food items will stand)
  • Prop. 1098 will fail.   (Washington State will not have an income tax- yet.)

Couple of hotly watched State Senate Races:
  • Ken Buck will lose Colorado.
  • Christine O'Donnell will SOUNDLY lose Delaware.  (That poor woman doesn't have a chance in hell)
  • Lisa Murkowski will lose in Alaska, but will make a stronger showing than anyone thought she would.  Joe Miller will win.
  • Barbara Boxer will win in California.  Handily.
  • Harry Reid will win in Nevada, but just barely.

The Upshot:
  • The Senate will remain Democrat controlled.

  • The House will remain Democrat controlled.

  • Nancy Pelosi will retain her job.

On a lot of these, I'm really hoping to be wrong.

But- and here's another not-so-fun thought- if the conservatives do take the House (or even more miraculously, the Senate) what does that really get us?  It was the Bush "conservative" ideals that got us a lot of the way to where we are now (and, Barry has just made a bad thing much, much worse) and I just can't believe that the Tea Party movement candidates have enough political judgement to see their way clear of even more weird practices.  And, that's going to add fuel to the fire of the libbies, who's pet projects would get stalled and the conservatives will get blamed even more. which will make 2012 even harder to overcome the liberal agenda on.........yeeesh.

It took us 4 full years of Jimmy Carter and his bunch to get us Ronald Reagan.  I think it's almost better for things to get worse before it gets better.  I know that sounds weird, but think about it- if the conservative movement does get into power again and they don't turn it around, in 2012 we're definitely going to get 4 more years of Barry.  If the Dems continue to drive things for the next 2 years, they absolutely will screw it all up, and Barry will get his well-deserved pink slip and we can get on with things. 

And, yeah- that's quite a price to pay, but we've done it to ourselves.  We've allowed these scumbags in power to remain that way through indifference, not voting and most importantly by watching "Jersey Shore", Lindsey Lohan, Octo-Mom and other mind numbing dreck instead of paying to attention to things that matter.  This entire country has become nothing but slack-jawed, mouth-breathing, media believers who care more about Mel Gibson's antics than they do the fact that our government is now controlling huge, tremendous chunks of our lives.  It's going to take some real suffering to change that, I'm afraid.

I say that the real suffering begins 11/2/2010.